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Yuri-Shoujo-ai stories dump :iconketsuekiakasomeone:KetsuekiakaSomeone 11 10
DevID? O.o by KetsuekiakaSomeone DevID? O.o :iconketsuekiakasomeone:KetsuekiakaSomeone 1 24
Sebastian getting possessive
Once in a VERY serious roleplay...
Ketsueki says: (17:54:29)
Claude glared at Hannah. "Don't you feel it either? You have a strong bond with Alois."
Yasmin says: (17:55:24)
Hannah frowned, "I-I have no such bond! Only with my master is there such a bond."
Ketsueki says: (17:55:41)
"And your master is?" Sebastian questioned.
Yasmin says: (17:57:22)
Hannah smirked, "The brother of the Master you killed years ago."
Ketsueki says: (17:57:52)
Sebastian grumbled slightly. "I knew it", he muttered under his breath.
Yasmin says: (17:58:32)
"Even if you got both of them back, they are far too broken."
Ketsueki says: (17:59:41)
Claude glanced at Sebastian. He readjusted his glasses. If I can rescue Ciel before Sebastian, then he'll all be mine, he thought.
Yasmin says: (18:02:01)
Hannah frowned, "If you want to get to your masters, you have to get past me."
Ketsueki says: (18:12:47)
Sebastian pulled his knives and readied himself for attack.
Yasmin says: (18:14:21)
Claude did the same with his g
:iconketsuekiakasomeone:KetsuekiakaSomeone 18 39
Very short drabble C:
"Good morning, Young master. Please wake up. You've got a full schedule for today, " Sebastian's deep voice interrupted the young boy's dream.
With a small whimper, he rolled over. "P-please... only a... a little" Ciel muttered as he protected his eyes against the bright light that shone through the window.
Sebastian turned around to look at his master, and couldn't help but chuckle. A small smile curled the demon's lips. He walked towards the boy and bent over him. "Young master, please."
Ciel's eyelids trembled slightly before he opened them. His azure and purple eyes faced the crimsons of Sebastian. A soft noise escaped his lips, before he shot up, startled of how short the distance was between him and his servant. "What the hell was that, Sebastian?!" he exclaimed in shock.
Sebastian took a step back and showed a hurt expression. "I apologise, young master," he spoke and turned to the food car to prepare Ciel's morning tea.
:iconketsuekiakasomeone:KetsuekiakaSomeone 105 22
Is it possible...?
Suzan sighed. "It's such a nice weather," she said as she stared up the clear, blue sky. Only a few small, puffy cloud floated up there, in the high aquarium of air.
Robin nodded. The two fifteen-year old girls sat on a bench in the forest. They had come to a place with barely trees. They sat in silence, listening to the chirping birds. The sun shone through the small, green leafs, drawing odd shadows on the damp ground, where fallen leaves were rotting, causing the typical autumn scent to fill the air.
"You know...?" Robin began.
Suzan looked at her friend. "Hmm?"
The girl paused, hesitating, doubting the words she wanted to say. Then she shook her head. "No, it's nothing."
Suzan giggled. She teasingly pushed Robin. "Come on, you can say it! It won't hurt any of us, will it?"
A bird landed in front of their feet. It pecked in the ground, through the rotten leafs, looking for some insects. Worms and the like. Probably to feed its young ones. Robin stared at the animal. A sigh escaped h
:iconketsuekiakasomeone:KetsuekiakaSomeone 2 34
Late birthday present for Gil
Oz let out a long sigh as he dropped himself on the comfortable bed. Ever since he had come out of the Abyss, he had been wondering about Gil and Raven. True, they were much alike, but he had never expected them to be one and the same person. What kept bugging him was the fact that it seemed Gil had taken more distance towards him. The cute, fearful though loyal Gil had disappeared, it seemed. Oz sighed again.
On the other note, it was somewhere in March. That meant Gil's birthday was coming up as well. He tried asking the date to Break, but that stupid clown only made fun of him. Sharon just simply refused to tell him, saying it would be dangerous to know the exact date. Alice was useless as well, because she had been in the Abyss even longer than he, so no way she'd know it. But Oz didn't dare to ask Gil himself, afraid that his beloved servant would suspect something.
Gil's birthday... He had many beautiful memories to those days.
"Hey Gil!" Oz shouted. He sat in his chair and th
:iconketsuekiakasomeone:KetsuekiakaSomeone 9 18
Through the years
November 2008
The fire lit the mansion. A young boy ran panicking through the burning hallways. Smoke surrounded him, darkening his view. He was searching desperately for his parents.
It was all for nothing.
The walls collapsed.
Everybody died.
December 2008
The only surviver, the young boy, had been found. Though the guardians were malicious. He was abused, tortured, raped. He was in so much pain. But one day, when he couldn’t endure it anymore, a person who walked by heard his screams and pleas. The man decided to take a look, searching out what was going on. He defeated the gang, rescued the boy and brought him to hospital. He was immediately helped and put in the first aid wing. Then it became clear that the boy had a severe disease. It saddened the man so much, that he decided to visit every day.
No matter what.

December 2010
Ciel sat up in his bed and stared out of the window. The door opened slightly. He looked up and smiled when he saw Sebast
:iconketsuekiakasomeone:KetsuekiakaSomeone 17 25
The quest for Sebastian
‘Sebastian! Where are you?!’ Ciel Phantomhive, the thirteen-years-old earl, shouted and ran through his mansion, looking for his butler. He bumped into someone and fell on the ground, while hearing crashing. Shards of porcelain flew in his direction and a few hit the arm he had been holding up to protect his face. He winced at the pain.
‘Ah! I-I’m sorry, young master!!’ The clumsy maid panicked when she saw who was her victim. Her face flushed red from embarrassment, guild and shame. She immediately began collecting the debris and kept apologising. Ciel looked at his arm and wiped the blood away. ‘It’s fine, have you seen Sebastian?‘, he asked eagerly.
Mey Rin shook her head, ‘N-no I haven’t. Though h-he was putting his coat on a bit ago.’ Ciel frowned. Why would he prepare for going outside while I haven’t ordered him to? He got up and walked, carefully not to step on the shards, away. ‘Clean it up, don
:iconketsuekiakasomeone:KetsuekiakaSomeone 23 26
The case Chapter I
Sebastian smiled at the sleeping boy. His task for today was done. He lifted the candle and quietly left the room, so darkness could fill the space. The butler walked to his room and sat down behind his desk. Sebastian took some paper and let the tip of his feather sink into the ink. He reread what he wrote before, and after a small thought he continued.
>Eight months later
:iconketsuekiakasomeone:KetsuekiakaSomeone 17 182
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Mostly fanfiction and roleplays C:




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Hungry... =w=
Christmas Island

I'm Ketsueki a.k.a. Someone, but you can call me Ket. I'm a hyperactive cosplayer, and yeah.. that's mostly what I am these days. I used to write a lot, but as I'm no longer that active, I tend to forget, or just... don't write at all. I'll try to upload some drabbles in the future, but I can't guarantee anything.

My current fandoms are Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin), and a bit of Kuroshitsuji. My gallery mostly contains Kuroshitsuji, but yeah, that's quite old by now... xD I have a account, if you are looking for even older stories (same username), and an Archiveofourown account (MilesLibertatis), where I REALLY should upload some Attack on Titan fics soon... Like, really soon... Yeah...

So that's me! :'D If you wanna know something, feel free to ask, 'cause I aint got a life :'D
By Derpkip/Divakip/Miss Derpington :iconcalicocat123: (I won't forget the chickens again! I'm sorry!!! QAQ)

1. What is your favorite animal? (YOU CAN ALSO CHOOSE A MYTHICAL CREATURE!) 
I think I'd go for a tiger <3 OR A RED PANDA 'CAUSE THOSE ARE ADORABLE

2. What is your weapon of choice?
Master sword or 3DMG

3. What is your favorite Halloween movie?
Errrr.... I hardly watch movies... I guess I'd say Phantom of the opera? xD

4. What book do you read at this moment?
Fanfic? .3. I just finished Help me stand by Ichigoangel (-cries as her heart rips in pieces-) and currently I'm reading If you ever wondered by Kaspian

5. Your favorite character is alive, and you meet him/her. What would you do?
Freak out and hide
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